Live From Groove Box Studios

by Tiger! Tiger!

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Live session recorded at Groove Box Studio in Detroit, MI on May 11, 2012.


released June 7, 2012

Corey played electric guitar.
Derek played piano and sang.
Kameron played drums and percussion.
Scott played acoustic guitar and sang.
Shawn played electric bass guitar.



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Track Name: Seahorse, Seahell
It's nights like these I can barely sleep
I'm full of complacency and fear
I wish this was all a dream, cause I'm lost at sea
And I'm grasping at air for someone to come save me
Cause all that I've wanted and all that I know
Have never in my life until know felt so wrong
So what's the deal growing up
And growing out of what we knew
As time flies by and stories change please let me try to show you
All this time I've wondered what it's like to feel alive
While stories told in books of lies have helped shape my pathetic life
Over and over I'll say it once again
It's hard for me to feel content when all I see is a world of dread
I often thought the glass was but half empty
Now I'm ready for something full
The thought's been placed in my mind
This destiny is all mine to control
So now's the time that feels so right
To move on and stop wasting life
I've been stuck in place for far too long
The dust has settled but now it's gone
It's gone and I'm not looking back
And no longer will I be a coward of a man
I'll face this fearing world
So I will sing from the mountains and shout to the sky
For I want you to feel so alive
As I take to the rivers and follow the streams
Of the path I have traced in too many dreams
What a glorious day as the sun shines so bright
And it gleams and reflects off of our lover's eyes
We're reassured that everything's alright
We're reassured that everything's just fine.
Track Name: Ninety-Six
I've been trying to be my own friend
But I'm not sure that I like who I am
Been trying, but lying to myself when I say I'm fine
So maybe I should run away
To a city where I feel ok with who I am
But you're still inside me
This constant reminder of pain

I won't die with you

You can sink yourself into the ground
When there is no one else around
But please don't expect me to leave
You're still so young and so in love
With all these girls you hardly know
So I won't die with you
Track Name: Is Anyone Really Well?
There are times where I want to show you what I'm feeling like
But I can't explain at all
In my life I've been told that there are things about me
People don't get
I'll try to now, but I know the things I saw won't quite make sense
To you, but to me
That's the thing all this rambling inside my head seems right
I just can't communicate

I have struggled with consistency
But my life is all I have

I understand but forget everything
It's this curse that I've come to bare
Deep inside I hold these memories
That have built up for all these years

I've got a good thing going now
I'll even try to relate this to something you already now
Maybe then we'll have a connection
Is it to much ask for a moment of your time
That's all I need to persuade you that I'm still sane

Now, can't you see
All I really want is to meet someone who knows what it's like to be me
Now, I could say
I never really thought that I would ever feel this way
That it's ok to be an introvert and sometimes feel dismay
Track Name: Let's Turn Into Snakes (Ender Cover)
At first it was never
Then only hardly ever
Now it's every other day
I find it harder to change my mind
When I'm focused on the last time
Every other time
We hit our sixth in the summer
And I know it's just a number
But it scares me to death
I see no benefit of the doubt
I'm afraid we'll have to work it out
There's no work around

You gave me so much support
And love and I owe you so much
That's why this is so tough to do

It's sickening and selfish
And I wish that I could help it
I think I'm trading you for the young
And chasing every futile one
And I know that it's wrong

You gave me so much support
And love and I owe you so much
That's why this is so tough to do
Oh and I didn't want to make up my mind
And face the consequence of a bad move
And realize down the line that I miss you to death

I guess the way that I feel has changed
And so has the way that I treat you
And if I hurt you I didn't mean to
I didn't wanna brak your heart
But I don't wanna stay together
And make you feel this way forever
I just wanted to give it time
And try to figure out what's right
And make up my mind
We should hardly be together now or ever

At first it was never
Then only hardly ever
Now it's every day
Track Name: Hayford
Every good man doesn't have his life begin
Until he wishes it would end
He closes his eyes, lying in his bed each night
Wondering, "Should I take my life?"
While fully away his conscious is a little scared
Of what comes after a life so thin and bare
As he falls asleep and slowly drifts into a dream
He realizes his life is not complete

I'm stuck between where I am and where I thought I'd be
When I was only 17
I've given up on things that used to mean the world to me
So now I don't know who to be

I'll be ok in a few days
Just let me sleep off
All of this pain
Track Name: ...When You're Ready For It
I'm on the verge of losing control
Of every little thing that I've ever held onto
Like an old man waiting for his turn to die
There comes a point that we all must reach
Where we understand that life can be a little too frightening
Yet we still wake up for better days

By and by we all move slowly
We reach our hands up to the sky
And contemplate if we're alright

We're alright, so we sing
All the songs that used to get us through the days
And the nights where we felt like everything was just not right
And I am all to naive when it comes down to trying to understand
I'll never understand what it means to have control of everything
When all I see are bits and pieces of a much bigger creation
Puzzling me as to what is wrong with all these people
In this world that's so wrapped up with greed

I'll keep sailing on with no regret I'll cross the seven seas
Maybe something will get my attention there
For I am far too young to have given up on seeing better days
Hopefully time is on my side