Mutual Attraction​/​/​Opposite Direction

by Tiger! Tiger!




Recorded sporadically over a few days in the fall of 2012.
Drums were tracked at Jefferson Street Studios, Muskegon, MI
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Phillmeeh in Muskegon, MI
Produced by Tiger! Tiger!
All songs written and performed by Tiger! Tiger!


released November 23, 2012

Tiger! Tiger! is:
Scott Nelson - Vocals & Guitar
Derek Gramza - Keyboard, Guitar, & Vocals
Corey Bickford - Guitar
Shawn McMann - Bass
Kameron Chauvez - Drums



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Track Name: I'll See You In Portland
Remember this August where we could just pretend
That you weren't moving away and I wasn't in this band
But a late night phone call reminds me nothing good can last
The sun may rise, but it always sets out west

I'll see you in Portland even though I don't know what to think
Two months usually change a person I hope you won't forget me
I wanna try to do what's right, but I'm not sure if I can
And I hope you'll understand I'd love to drive to you tonight
And I'd love to move out west to let the pacific air fill up my empty chest

I think that it do me good to live somewhere closer to you
Because my mind never rests except when I'm lying in your bed
Track Name: The Week of the Fourth of July
Outside some asshole siphons the gas out of my car
While in her bed she siphons the love out of my heart
And I'm not sure which hurts more because money will come and go
But a sense of stability is something I've rarely shown

I've been sleeping in, counting down the days until I can move away
With a backpack full of clothes and spare change
I don't know where I'll go, but I know that it's time to leave

I'm writing letters to myself to convince me I need to get out of this town
With careful description and a few choice words
I'll trick myself into forgetting all that was good

It's a complex situation or at least (I like to think)
(I like to think) that I'll be doing better when I finally get to leave
This place fills me with memories (of how) I was never good enough
For her or me or all of them, but I'm not giving up
So I'll try my luck
I hate East Lansing and all it's done me wrong
Track Name: That Party on Francis
Standing in Lake Michigan
Trying to explain the difference between being lonely and being alone
But no one seems to get it, So I guess I'll just keep it to myself
Or share it with you, but every time I see you I swear that I have found something new to push you away
If keeping cool was easy someone must have never told me

Two blocks down the street you ask me to meet you at this house
Where you could smoke weed with your friends,
But you're talking to me instead tonight
And I don't know what it means because I don't know anything
Other than what I think is right even though there are signs
Telling me what I could never believe cause I don't think I'm worth your time

Over and over I tell myself that I'm somebody who could never be seen with love stained eyes, much less tonight
Track Name: The Night Before Your Sister's Party
Taking my bike across the town tonight
Over the path I've road so many times
Thinking to myself how I'll never be anything more than what other people see

I'm not overdramatic I just think to much
So I'll go home before I let myself down again
And I'll try to work this out, but my heart won't let it go.

My heart won't let this go.
(I over think everything)

And I'm trying not to let myself slip away
Retracing the path I came, I've done this too many times
But it all ends up the same and I've got myself to blame

My heart won't let this go before I let myself down again
And I'll try to work this out, but my heart won't let it go
Track Name: Euchre With J&M
I wasn't looking for love, but love found me this time.
On your back porch last night
I lost all control from the way that you spoke to me with your eyes

I'm trying not to get my hopes up because I know this can't last for more than two months
Track Name: My Birthday In Lansing
Who I am is not who you think cause
I'm too scared to show the real me
I'm too scared to prove anything
I'm too scared that you won't believe
For the longest time that all I've had
were these moments between us just as friends
little moments that I'd hope never end
Even though I knew that it couldn't be

Well I've been talking about moving out west
And how Seattle is the city I like best
It's something there that's not like the rest
But I'm still stuck here in the Midwest
Telling girls like you that I don't like them that much in hopes
That they won't be in on this joke
Cause in my mind I know that:

1) I secretly hope that you already know how I must feel
2) Yeah, we're apart, but I still got this heart and it beats your name
3) And yeah, I could leave you, but I won't deceive you until I am gone
4) And I might run away, but my feelings won't change
5) I just can't accept my heart's inept(itude) for you